Getting “the place” for Everything in its place

The house we live in has been our home for almost 3 years. And it’s been very telling in the last 3ish years that I am not the type to move in and set up house immediately. Sure, I might move around furniture to function, but we didn’t move in and immediately apply the 7 layers of decorating to our home. Some areas were attended to faster than others (any room that needed new carpet was painted before the carpet was installed) and other areas have been waiting patiently for attention while we lived our lives and watched our wallets.

Well, the almost 3 year wait is over for the living room. At the end of last year we finally painted the room and in January an epic trip to Ikea took place so we could solve the storage problem in the room.

This picture is a small example of what the room looked like for the past few years:

ready to go

Looking past the cute kids in snow clothes, you will see a portion of the 30 plastic bins we had stacked in the living room. 27 of those bins held books. The other three were Wii games and DVDs. And it was our intention from the very beginning to create a wall of bookshelves similar to the one we had in our old home. And since those shelves were built by my incredibly talented husband, we realized the time it would take for him to do a similar project would probably keep the books hidden in their bins for another year.

Enter Ikea and their Billy bookcase system. After seeing a few pinterest ideas featuring Billy and measuring our space several times, we decided the bookcases would work for our needs. D and I booked a date with Ikea (no kids, just us and the Swedish sensibility of flat packed storage solutions) and we came home with this:

Our big Ikea trip

A week later and Damon had managed to install all the bookcases (7 total) and a few days later the books were freed from their plastic bins, giving the space a more “living” vibe than a “storage” one. There are still a few things to do, like dressing the bookcases (knick knacks! dust catchers!) and purchasing the height extenders that were out of stock, but here is the result as captured last evening:

the new bookshelves
Eventually the keyboard will be replaced by an actual piano.

the new bookshelves- game storage
The kids’ games were in the schoolroom making a huge mess. This will be so much better. I hope.

the new bookshelves- DVDs and Wii games Finally a hidden home for Wii games and DVDs.

the new bookshelves
We did have a buffet here, but it has since moved to the kitchen because it was a tad too deep. These bookshelves will have glass doors all across, once we get to an Ikea that has them in stock.

It really does my psyche a bit of good to be able to tell the kids to put something away in an actual home for a thing. Piano books go on the bottom shelf to the left of the keyboard. Nunchuks go in the green bucket in the left cabinet with the Wii games!

My goal in making this house a home is to have a place for everything and everything in its place. And in my goal quest I would say Level Living Room has been unlocked.

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