Back to firsts

The first day has come and gone, the first hours, the first minutes, the first seconds. As we push into the first week, I am using a laptop I’m afraid of and trying to make sense of the direction I am heading.

Last January I tried to make 2010 the year of me. Instead, God showed me it was the year of HIM. Through the sad valley of being apart from my husband for a month to the highs of moving to our new home, I was amazed at how blatantly it showed GOD was the orchestrator of my life. I tried to push round things into square holes, but GOD gently held my hand and showed me how important it was to let Him put the round things in the square holes, because those round things would only go in those square holes when He wanted them to.

If that doesn’t make sense, it’s ok. It does to me.

Sometimes I pull up my blog and read what I wrote and giggle at the ego of it all, the silliness that I could really make it all about me. I was just asking for it. And I was reminded over and over again, it is most definitely not all about me.

And when thinking about direction and the new year and what to put first, I have to say first comes God.

I was bummed I didn’t finish the Bible in 90 days project. I quit reading the blog posts and emails, only to move on to other selfish endeavors. So, first I’m going back to last years goal…

“While I know God and I have had some amazing discussion in the past year, I know I need to get to know Him more. And for me, the best way to start is reading the Bible all the way through.”

I bought the actual Bible in 90 Days book in an effort to help me… now let’s actually get it open.

P.S. I’m not signing up for the Bible in 90 Days group this time around. Too much pressure.

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